A downloadable game


The lives of millions are threatened by a huge volcano on the verge of erupting.

You're a renowned and highly-educated geologist, but you're also the only one crazy enough to go down there and release the pressure before it's too late.

~ WASD or arrow keys to move your character
~ Space bar or Numpad 0 to use your jetpack
~ Mouse to aim and left click to throw a bomb!

Lava Rush is an arcade/platform game where your goal will be to go deep as possible into the volcano. Your main weapon will be the bombs you carry: they will allow you to blow rocks blocking your path. Time is of the essence in this journey: the pressure level of the volcano will increase continuously, and too much pressure will result in the dreaded eruption.

Sometimes along the way you will encounter rock platforms containing the lava behind them. These will often leak lava: be vary careful! A well-placed bomb in their weak point will make these platforms blow, and the pressure level go down again.

Made by Onirium Games, sound design by Pierre Le Cardinal.